Hi! My name is Alicia Sepulveda. 
I am a life coach, storyteller, researcher, lover of personal growth, and believer in humanity.

I am obsessed with helping college students get clear, confident, and motivated - to realize what they are capable of and take action during college.

​We have so many issues in our world. And limitless human potential is left untapped.

Let's change that together.

Graduation Caps

Make College Yours

Your Goals     Your College     Your Life

Coaching and Consulting with a mission to support college students to get clear and confident in who they are, in their purpose, and use college to go beyond what they believe is possible.

This is about more than college. This is about your life.


The College Life Podcast

Available for free on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and GooglePlay.

On the College Life Podcast, I offer free support to help you get that personal development you crave in college. I interview current college students and experts on everything college to help empower and inspire you to make college yours. Are you ready to do more than you ever thought you were capable of? Download the podcast today!


Life Coaching for Students

Make College Yours

I help college students get clear, confident, and motivated in college and in life.

I believe every college student has something to offer this world. And I believe you CAN have the kind of impact you want. Let's work together to help you use college to be the change and do more than you ever dreamed.

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Consulting for Coaching in Higher Education

Student Transformation. Bigger Impact. Better Results.

For the past 9 years, I've coached hundreds of college students across the United States. I personally embody the coaching spirit and I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't when it comes to coaching college students. We would work great together if you are looking to create a coaching program, are not getting the results you thought you would, or are looking for professional development opportunities for your team.


The Coaching Blog

Reviews, Favorite Things, Reflections, and Insights

What I use to develop myself as a coach and as a person.


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