Hi! My name is Alicia Sepulveda and college absolutely changed my life.


I want you to have CLARITY and 


in your PURPOSE, and to 

TAKE ACTION toward a 


We have so many issues in our world that need to be addressed. And limitless human potential is left untapped. In the past 9 years coaching hundreds of college students, I have seen the power of coaching. And I can't wait to connect and see what we can create together.

After I graduated from Florida State University, I started working for a college and was BLOWN AWAY when I found out about the opportunities that were available on campus. But I missed out.

I was first in my family to go to college and had NO IDEA what I was doing, or what my purpose was. I know many of today's college students are less confident in themselves and more anxious about the future at a time when we need them the most. 

I definitely did not have the confidence I needed to actually live the life I wanted or believe in myself enough that I could make a difference in the world. 

Your college journey is going to be different.



Make College Yours is a movement to empower every college student who has the desire to make a difference in the world to use college to make it happen.

This is about more than your degree. This is about your life. 

Alicia Sepulveda