I help college students get clear and confident.

You want to make a difference in the world. But you aren't sure what exactly that means for you. And you don't know if you are capable of doing the amazing things you dream of in this world.

You think you are alone. But you aren't.

College is hard. But it's also fun. And it's weird. You feel like everyone has it all together. You don't know why, but you compare yourself to other people way too much. You aren't sure what the heck you are doing now, much less after college. And it freaks you out.

That's why I created Make College Yours

Fall Foliage

Major on Purpose

A 4-week group coaching experience to help you find direction, gain confidence, and connect with other college students who want to make a difference in the world.


College Life Coaching

Maximize your college journey

It's like having coffee with a friend, and an intentional conversation all about helping you move forward toward your goals and becoming the person you want to be. 

I am confident that I can help you find clarity in your purpose, confidence in yourself, and help you create AND TAKE ACTION towards a plan to help your dreams become reality. But I will be transparent. You are going to have to put in work. If you are craving clarity, needing some confidence, or want to make a difference but aren't sure how, let's work together.